USA: Couple finds 60-year-old McDonald’s fries – and they still look good

Rob and Gracie Jones discovered a 1950s McDonald’s bag April 16 during renovations at their 1959 home in Crystal Lake, about 50 miles northwest of Chicago. Inside were half-eaten french fries.

“Rob was in the bathroom replacing the old toilet paper holder,” Gracie Jones told CNN. Then they would have taken the bag to their kitchen and carefully opened it there. In addition to the French fries, which still looked brown and crispy, two empty hamburger packages were also found.

“We saw the fries and we were like, ‘I can’t believe that. How on earth are those fries still in that bag and how come they’re still in such good condition?’ It’s crazy,’ Gracie added. The french fries had no smell. The couple picked up a few of the fried potato pieces and were surprised at how stable they were despite their age.

Upon examining the logo on the bag, the couple found that McDonald’s had produced it from 1955 to 1961. Further research revealed that one of the first McDonald’s locations in the area was built near her home in 1959 – the same year her home was built. The bag even features the fast food chain’s original mascot, Speedee.

The couple have put the old meal away for now and aren’t sure what to do with it.
“We’d love to sell them, but if not, we’d probably keep them as a cool piece of history,” Gracie said.



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