USA: 10-year-old rape victim was not allowed to have an abortion

Just a few days after the controversial Supreme Court decision, what critics feared happened: a 10-year-old girl was raped in Ohio and was banned from having an abortion.

In late June, the US Supreme Court overturned a law that had allowed abortions nationwide for nearly 50 years. The states can now decide for themselves whether or not to allow abortions – and under what conditions.

In Ohio, a 10-year-old girl who became pregnant after being raped has now been banned from having an abortion. The girl finally had the treatment done in the state of Indiana. There it is – still – possible up to the 22nd week of pregnancy. American media reports that the demand for abortions in Indiana has increased since the court decision.

The doctor Caitlin Barnard, who performed the 10-year-old’s abortion, is said to have received a call from a colleague in Ohio, according to the “Indianapolis Star” – just three days after the Supreme Court overturned the abortion law.

Stricter rules are also threatening in Indiana

The Ohio doctor who treats children with a history of abuse told Barnard about a 10-year-old patient who was outlawed in her state for an abortion. Because there, the treatment is already illegal from the point at which the embryo shows cardiac activity. According to her doctors, the girl was six weeks and three days pregnant when she first sought medical help.

But even in Indiana, where abortion seekers from other states go, abortion laws could be tightened. At the end of July, the corresponding law is to be discussed at state level – and could be tightened due to the Republican majority.

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Barnard said it’s “hard to imagine that in a couple of weeks we won’t be able to provide that medical care.”

Republicans under pressure

However, the case is putting pressure on those Republicans who pushed ahead with the tightening of the law. Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, who is being talked about as a possible vice presidential candidate for Trump in 2024, was asked about this on CNN – in her state abortion is just as criminal as in Ohio, unless the life of the pregnant woman is in danger – incest or rape are explicitly no longer exceptions. The case of the ten-year-olds is no reason to re-evaluate the laws, she said: “Every life is precious,” said the Republican.



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