US tourists cause panic at Israeli airport by transporting ‘souvenir’ of war

An American family sparked panic on Thursday at Israel’s main international airport by displaying a non-explosive military device, according to the BBC.

According to the Israeli authorities, the family found an ancient, non-explosive bomb while visiting the Golan Heights.

Israel controlled most of Syria’s Golan Heights during the Six Day War, in 1967, and traces of the conflict can still be found in the area.

In a security check, a family member asked an officer if he could transfer the device from the backpack to a suitcase, according to the news site YNet. Consequently, the official immediately ordered the evacuation of the area.

In this context, a passenger will have misheard the security and began shouting “terrorists shooting”, triggering mass panic.

videos that show passengers fleeing and abandoning belongings and bags in panic started circulating on social media.

One A 32-year-old man was injured while trying to flee and had to be transported to hospital.

The American family turned out to be interrogated by airport security and, in the end, was allowed to board the flight.

the international airport Ben Gurion, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, is considered one of the safest in the world. Vehicles and travelers pass through security checks even before arriving at the terminal and check-in area.

Israel is in high alert after a series of terrorist attacks across the country in recent weeks.



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