US, the Senate blocks the law to guarantee the right to abortion: Republicans and a Democrat against

It was an announced defeat, but it nonetheless represents yet another blow to the Biden administration in matters of human rights. The Senate American has in fact rejected the measure to transform it into law the historic ruling of the Supreme Court which legalized abortion in the United States. The measure introduced by the Democrats included women’s right of access to abortion at federal level. The measure needed 60 votes to be approved, but it was blocked with 49 votes in favor compared to 51 against. The Republicans all voted against, while in the Democratic ranks the senator Joe Manhcin he sided with the conservatives. “We will continue to fight for women,” was the president’s first comment Joe Biden. Biden attacks the Republicans’ filibuster in rejection and invites voters to choose “More pro-choice senators in November”. Vice President Kamala Harris, after her rejection, said: “Sadly the Senate has failed to defend the right of choice for women over their own bodies.”

The provision needed 60 votes to proceed its process. Instead, he received only 49. While taking failure for granted – given the split of the Senate 50 to 50 and the profound differences on abortion – the Democrats have decided to try the same to show America and Americans the extremism of Republicans and to try to persuade undecided voters to elect more liberals in the upcoming November elections. The abortion debate has reignited in recent weeks with the leak of news from the Supreme Court. In fact, the essays seem oriented to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion in the United States. The draft decision signed by Judge Alito and published by the American media has sparked protests across America, with women on the field determined to preserve their right of choice in the face of a Supreme Court with a conservative majority. The Democrats have run for cover by declaring a battle in defense of a right now acquired and which, in their opinion, must now be turned into law to be defended. “We will never stop defending our fundamental freedoms. Americans will have to remember at the polls in November who tried to punish and control the decisions of women “, says the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

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