US system in decline (Junge Welt newspaper)

Tear gas plumes: Press representatives in the middle of the storm on the Capitol (Washington DC, 6.1.2021)

After the attack on the Capitol in Washington, the German media and politicians tried to polish up the reputation of the desolate political system in the USA. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung quoted Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) with the unmasking sentence: “Without democracy in the USA there is no democracy in Europe.” Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who accused Donald Trump’s supporters of an attack on the “heart of democracy”, made it in the headlines. And the Taz wrote on Tuesday about the impeachment of the president, who is in office until January 20, planned by the Democrats: “The MPs have to act, because in addition to democracy, internal and external security is in danger.” In the style of a satirical magazine, Wikipedia still gave as ” critical of the system, “said the US politician the apparently serious advice:” The members of parliament and senators cannot leave the defense of democracy to the corporations in Silicon Valley that have blocked Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for Trump. “

While local media indulge in framing and ignore the main contradiction of the US system, journalists in Latin America and the USA comment on the events from a perspective of the realities of their continent. US sociologist Malka Older believes that democracy in the USA was not first threatened by Trump’s mob, but rather an illusionary flawed construct from the start. “The same undemocratic conditions that made the election of a liar possible, the suppression of votes or the electoral body, are still in place and ready for the next unscrupulous rich man,” Older wrote in the conservative magazine Foreign Policy.

For the Mexican newspaper The Day the US electoral system is “an oligarchic holdover” from the time “when slavery was still legal in this country and which is expressly designed to suppress the will of the people when it opposes those in power.” The result “is an unprecedented seizure of the levers of established power by a handful of big capitalists. The arrival and the end of the real estate tycoon in the White House are only a symptom of this misery, but also evidence of the decline of the declining superpower, “commented the newspaper.

Chilean author Ariel Dorfman added: “This is an America where nine Supreme Court justices – elected by an unrepresentative Senate – can undo the rights fought for decades of struggles between workers, women, minorities and trade unionists. The same judges have allowed the environment to be devastated for the benefit of corporations and corporations with colossal flows of money to influence elections and legislation. It is an America where an indecent accumulation of wealth by a small group of business people and financiers has created aberrant inequalities that sow despair in large parts of the population and cause countless men and women to cry out for a populist savior to take them should redeem, ”wrote Dorfman in the Argentine daily Page 12. Once in power through the US electoral system, “the constitutional system and the law could not prevent a delusional demagogue from abusing power, illegally enriching himself and his family, pardoning convicted murderers, war criminals and perjurers and carrying out despotic measures «.

The Colombian journalist Cecilia Zamudio puts it even more sharply. The “whole circus,” she criticized on the online portal Latin American Summary the coverage of Trump’s departure, »aims to make people believe in an alleged democratic diversion that capitalism does not have, since the same economic powers rule regardless of the name of the incumbent president. But they will pour out rivers of ink and fill broadcasts on the theme of democracy in danger but restored in order to prop up the discredited mechanisms of a rotten system ”. The Cuban journalist Arthur González agreed to her on his blog The Cuban Herald at. “What happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 is a sign of US imperialism getting closer to its overthrow. The economic crisis, compounded by poor management of the Covid-19 pandemic, revealed to many Americans that they are suffering from the enrichment of a few who live at the expense of the growing impoverishment of the majority of the population. ”As to whether Joseph Biden can stop the decline, wrote the Venezuelan sociologist Ociel Ali López in an article for Russia Today: “If the attack on the Twin Towers produced a strong national unity, the attack on the Capitol revealed a deep social division. That is the scenario that the new president faces. It will take Biden a major event to force the Trump base to recognize him as the nation’s leader. An event that brings the citizens back together as they were when the twin towers collapsed, ”said the professor from Caracas. “A war? That is a possibility – and something that his cabinet has experience, «writes López.


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