US removes immigration policy from “Stay in Mexico” program

The US Department of Homeland Security announced Monday night that it will end the policy of requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico, known as “Stay in Mexico”while their requests are resolved in court.

The announcement came after a judge lifted a court order that prevented the Joe Biden government from eliminating the so-called “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Since when was “Stay in Mexico” applied to migrants?

With that policy, adopted in 2019 by former President Donald Trump, Tens of thousands of asylum seekers were sent to Mexico until they had to appear before a US court for their immigration hearing.

The program was considered cruel and dangerousby leaving vulnerable people in unsafe conditions in border towns.

The policy will be phased out “in a quick and orderly manner,” the US agency said in a statement.

Migrants will no longer be returned to Mexico

No one else will be included and those who cross the border to attend their court hearings They will not be returned to Mexico, the entity added.

The Migrant Protection Protocol (PPM), as the policy is officially called, “is endemicly flawed, imposes unjustified human costs, and takes resources and personnel away from other priority tasks to secure our borders,” the department added.

The policy will be phased out “in a speedy and orderly manner.” Photo: AFP / Illustrative

Why do I delete this policy?

Shortly after coming to power, Biden tried to scrap the measure as part of what he called a more humane approach to migration.

But several Republican-led states, led by Texas, sued the federal government, and a court in the capital ordered the policy reinstated.

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The case went to the Supreme Court, which ruled on June 30 that Biden has the authority to end the program.

“Stay in Mexico” in numbers and its effects

From the start of the policy in January 2019 until its initial suspension, at leasts 70 thousand people were sent to Mexico according to the American Immigration Council, a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 that advocates for immigrants.

The Trump administration argued that the policy would contain illegal immigration to the United States.

During the mandato de Bidenthe authorities prevented the entry of more than 200,000 people who tried to enter illegally and were returned, either by the PPM or by another border provision adopted by the coronavirus pandemic.



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