When we become infected with SARS, a stuffy nose is a mandatory symptom. A sore throat, weakness, fever can also be added to it. For many, even after recovery, the nose does not breathe for several more days – they have to carry drops and handkerchiefs with them.

The nose can become blocked not only with a cold. There can be many reasons, for example:

  • allergies (for example, to tobacco smoke);

  • sinusitis;

  • flu;

  • food allergy;

  • external irritants (car exhaust fumes);

  • in very rare cases, nasal congestion can be caused by a swelling.

There are several ways that you can get rid of nasal congestion during illness. writes British edition Express. American doctors have compiled a list of recommendations – they should help you cope with this unpleasant symptom.

Steam inhalation

Pour boiling water from a kettle into a large bowl or basin and place on the table (be careful, it is easy to burn yourself). Then sit in a chair and bend over the hot water. Breathe calmly. The procedure time is from 5 to 10 minutes.

“Alternatively, you can buy a steam inhaler at the pharmacy and breathe in the steam through a mask,” the doctors comment.

Covering your head with a towel, as our mothers and grandmothers did, is not necessary – the risk of burns to mucous membranes and skin is too great. It is also better not to do such manipulation with children.

Salty water

Some doctors recommend rinsing your nose with saline. In the pharmacy, you can buy both a solution and drops based on it. There is also special sea water on sale, which is poured into bottles with a spray nozzle. It is generally more expensive than saline.

To rinse your nose, you can pour the solution into a teaspoon, pinch one nostril, and the other, as it were, “inhale” the contents. Salt water makes the mucus in your nose thinner, so you can easily blow your nose after this procedure.

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