US billionaire and Trump fan will be Kurz’s new employer

Ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz becomes a “global strategist” at Thiel Capital, a company owned by the German-born US investor Peter Thiel.

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Sebastian Kurz failed as Federal Chancellor, now he is becoming a “Global Strategist” for US investor Peter Thiel.


Vienna – The rumors had been going on for days, now it’s clear: Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will find his professional future in the USA. He joins Peter Thiel. The German-born US billionaire is one of the most colorful people in Silicon Valley.

Shortly after Reinhold Mitterlehner’s resignation in 2017, he became ÖVP party chairman. He also ended the coalition with SPÖ Chancellor Christian Kern. In the new election, the ÖVP was again the party with the highest number of votes for the first time in years. Kurz then formed a coalition with the FPÖ. Heinz-Christian Strache became vice chancellor, the current FPÖ chairman Herbert Kickl interior minister. After the Ibiza video became known, Kurz terminated the alliance with the FPÖ. He himself was overthrown by a vote of no confidence, but made a brilliant comeback in the new election and became chancellor again. This time he formed a government with the Greens.

But in the course of the investigations in the area of ​​the so-called Ibiza video (and the suspicions expressed there), more and more allegations against the environment of Kurz became known. These then culminated in raids and investigations against Kurz and his closest companions in the fall. Even the ÖVP is listed as a suspect. It is investigated for bribery, breach of trust and corruptibility, among other things. The suspicion is that between 2016 and at least 2018, the Ministry of Finance’s budget funds were used to finance sometimes manipulated surveys in the interest of the ÖVP and its top officials, which are said to have been published in the media (of the Austria Group) in return for concealed consideration (advertising cooperation) . So the rise of Kurz should be seen, among other things, in connection with manipulated surveys. The presumption of innocence applies to everyone.

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Kurz announced his resignation to forestall a motion of censure.

In the new year, as he confirmed to the Kronen Zeitung, he wants to earn his money elsewhere, with a company owned by Peter Thiel. Kurz has had closer ties to the US investor for a long time.

Thiel became known as a co-founder of the online payment service Paypal and the data analysis company Palantir and as a financier of the social network Facebook. Politically, he supported ex-US President Donald Trump with large donations. He is counted on the libertarian spectrum of the US Republicans. Personal freedom is placed radically above state activity. This goes so far that state regulation is rejected and the creation of monopolies is sought. Conversely, socio-political state intervention is also rejected – libertarians are against the restriction of gun ownership, but are in favor of the legalization of drugs and gay marriage. In 2016, Thiel acted as a delegate for Trump at the Republican Convention – and caused a sensation as the first openly self-confessed homosexual speaker on the stage of the nomination. (misp)

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