US, a watch that belonged to Hitler was sold at auction for one million dollars

A watch that belonged to Adolf Hitler was sold at an auction in Maryland, USA, to an anonymous buyer for $ 1.1 million. As reported by the BBC, the gold object has a reversible case, engraved eagle and swastika. There was no shortage of protests from Jewish associations that criticized the auction even before the sale of the heirloom at Alexander Historical Auctions in the state of Maryland. However, the auction house – which has sold other Nazi objects in the past – explained to German media that its goal was to preserve history and that most of the items sold are kept in private collections or donated to museums in the ‘Holocaust. The watch was allegedly given to Hitler by the Nazi party in 1933, the year of his rise to power in Germany. Recovered in May 1945 by a French soldier in Hitler’s former alpine residence in Berchtesgaden, just four days after the dictator’s suicide, it would remain in the possession of the soldier’s family for decades.

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