Uruguay analyzes opening the borders in September for vaccinated people

Luis Lacalle Pou, President of Uruguay, said this Sunday that they are analyzing for the month of September the possibility of opening the borders for those who are already immunized against covid-19.

“As one of the most affected sectors is tourism, we plan to open the borders in spring for some people who are immunized”Lacalle Pou said at a press conference. However, he clarified that this idea “should not be taken at face value” but that “we are thinking with that horizon, we have the obligation to anticipate,” he stated. The country.

For now, said the Uruguayan president, the government “is not thinking” about a change in health strategy in the face of the entry of new variants of coronavirus. “There is some suggestion from the Ministry of Public Health regarding travelers when they return to the country. , regarding quarantine, we have been talking about it, we are going to decide it these days, “he added.

Uruguay kicks the board of Mercosur and seeks to trade with countries outside the bloc

The Interagency Working Group on Genomic Surveillance announced on Saturday, July 17 that cases of Delta and Beta variants were admitted, and, for the second time, the existence of cases of the Alpha and Lambda mutations. In the case of the Delta variant, these are travelers from four different countries, while the Beta, meanwhile, was identified in foreign sailors who are isolated and who did not maintain contact with Uruguayans. In most cases, they were either not immunized or did not have the full schedule.

For the health portfolio of that country, mandatory quarantine should be required for all those who enter, since for a few weeks those who enter with a negative PCR test and vaccinated have been recommended isolation. You only have to do a PCR test on the seventh day, or do a 14-day quarantine in case you do not want to undergo the second test.

Concern in Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay about the advance of Covid-19 despite vaccines

With 378,733 registered cases and 5,879 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, the country reached 1,688 deaths per million inhabitants and has already surpassed countries such as France (1,652), Portugal (1,685) and even the average of the European Union (1,667) , according to the data processed by the site Our World in Data.

In Uruguay 4,505,681 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have already been applied: 2,462,027 people have at least one dose and 2,043,654 the complete scheme. Regarding the vaccination plan, Lacalle Pou insisted on his policy that immunization should not be mandatory: “There is a policy on the part of the government to go to people who have not been vaccinated, but mostly Uruguayans are going to be vaccinated.”

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