Urgent.. Health clarifies the date of receiving the third dose of the Corona vaccine

Egypt is studying giving citizens a booster dose of the Corona vaccine, as part of the state’s plan to confront the epidemic and preserve the lives of citizens. He gets the corona vaccine, but the booster vaccine is of any different type.

Egypt is considering giving citizens a third dose of Corona

The ministry pointed out that the third dose that citizens will receive will not be from the same vaccine that the individual received in the first and second doses, and the ministry explained that the full details will be announced during the coming period.

For his part, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Khaled Megahed, said that there are large quantities of vaccines available in Egypt and they are distributed to the centers in the required quantities, pointing out that the country has developed a plan to increase the centers for obtaining the Corona vaccine in most regions of the Republic.

Corona vaccination

Mujahid explained that citizens are given a third booster dose of the Corona vaccine, for those who have previously obtained the necessary vaccinations in order to activate the body’s immune system, and its ability to continue to confront the Corona virus.

Symptoms of the fourth wave of the Corona virus

Mujahid pointed out that the fourth wave of the Corona virus has symptoms that differ in some things from the previous waves, saying that the symptoms of the fourth wave of the Corona virus are high body temperatures for more than two days, with a cough containing secretions, and a permanent headache.

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The Ministry of Health raises the state of emergency in hospitals and provides them with the necessary treatment to confront the Corona virus, and pumps large quantities of natural oxygen into hospital tanks to face the repercussions of the fourth wave of the Corona virus.



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