Urgent from Banque Misr to all its customers: Beware

Banque Misr published an important video for all its customers who benefit from the banking services provided by the bank, warning them of their exposure

Fraud in the name of the bank, which makes them exposed to losing their money in their accounts.

And Banque Misr said in the video, that any customer receives a call from a person telling him that he is an employee of the bank and wants his bank data under

The name of the data update, he should not give him any information and end the call immediately, because this person is a scammer.

Banque Misr confirmed that updating its customers’ data is done through the bank’s branches and not by phone or via text or electronic messages. Customers should be careful and take these tips:

Not disclosing the OTP sent by the bank on the customer’s mobile phone that is registered with the bank,

Keep the Bank of Egypt electronic services activation code, and the verification code (CVV2), which are 3 numbers clearly registered on the back

The card, and not to share it with anyone.

Not disclosing the bank card numbers and its final expiry date.

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