Urgent.. beware of fake emails in the name of Amazon

A number of warning messages have spread on social networking sites, about not opening any external links that come from that brand, after many fell victim to an electronic hoax, as some expected it to be a scam, while others took care not to be hacked.

The pioneers of the social media circulated a warning message, and its content came. Anyone who sent you this link or opened it, this is a hacker, and the emails that I sent you this link were people who sent them the same link and clicked on it and their pages were hacked, and the mentioned link contains the famous Amazon brand.

Amazon has also urged all consumers to beware of fraudulent text messages, using the online retailer’s brand, and users are also getting text messages on WhatsApp, claiming they have purchased a high-value item using Amazon Prime.

These people, who are at risk of contacting cybercriminals, who pretend to be Amazon employees, and who may ask for more details about the said offer, will be taken personal details that can be used for fraud.

While the messages feature the Amazon logo, most likely what it claims the recipient has won prizes like Apple Air Pods for its 30th birthday, there are also various vouchers that, in fact, trick consumers into clicking on rewarding survey links.

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