Urgent: A horrific and weeping fate for the Turkish star,, Murad Alamdar, the hero of the Valley of the Wolves series, and sadness hangs over the hearts of his fans!

The pioneers of the communication sites republished news about the case of the well-known actor, Murad Alamdar.

Recently, it seemed that the disputes and mutual lawsuits between Necati Shashmaz and his wife took a broader turn, as Necati, who is known as Murad Alamdar in the Arab world, is threatened with imprisonment for up to 12 years, because of his hacking of his wife’s phone.

Reports by Turkish websites revealed that Najati hacked his wife’s phone and accessed 11 audio recordings in addition to private messages on WhatsApp, and presented them to the court as evidence of betrayal against his wife, in the ongoing divorce lawsuit between them.

Necati Şaşmaz

Negahan, Negati’s wife, filed a new complaint in the court against him, accusing him of invading her privacy without her prior knowledge, and because of this lawsuit, Shashmaz may be imprisoned for up to 12 years.



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