Upside down car N290 Terhole, driver seriously injured – HVZeeland

By: Roland de Jong

TERHOLE – A motorist was seriously injured in an accident on the Terhole ring road (N290) near Terhole this morning. The road was closed for a while due to the accident.

The victim came from the direction of Hulst and left the road with his vehicle around 9.10 am. The car then ended up upside down in a ditch next to the road. The driver was not trapped but suffered serious injuries. The victim was rushed to a hospital by ambulance.

The traffic police have launched an investigation into the cause of the accident. The road was closed in both directions immediately after the accident. The road was partially reopened an hour after the accident. At around 10.50 am, the crashed car was towed by salvage company Kuzee and the road could be fully reopened.

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witness (9-5-2022 at 07:31)

I saw this happen he wanted to overtake over a solid line and drove well, when he wanted to overtake he saw an oncoming vehicle and turned back and lost control of the wheel. and then ended up in the ditch

Jurgen (9-5-2022 at 04:16)

@arthur would you please not be so funny you are not thank you at all, mvg the nephew of the victim Ps. If you sincerely mean this I would do something useful with life

Arthur (8-5-2022 at 22:40)

There seem to be quite a few heavy electromagnets hidden along the sides of roads. I’ve been lucky so far that they aren’t on when I drive by.

Patrick (7-5-2022 at 23:14)

Thank you steven for recording for family and friends os my half brother

Steven (5/7/2022 at 21:32)

Stop prejudice you don’t know what happened. It’s bad enough for the family and friends



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