[Update] Clement has no pity for Jumbo-Visma: ‘This is symptomatic treatment’

(July 17, 2021) Jumbo-Visma, and then Performance Manager Mathieu Heijboer in particular, are not immediately excited about the time trial jersey that Jonas Vingegaard will receive. The Dane has to finish the chrono in the white jersey.

Vingegaard is second in the youth classification, but because Tadej Pogacar has the yellow jersey, he has been wearing the white jersey for days. Also in the time trial, to the chagrin of Heijboer. The trainer quotes a tweet from Team Jumbo-Visma with the text. ‘It’s a PR show that you have to measure a jersey for a rider who doesn’t even have that jersey.’

‘Welcome to professional cycling’, says Heijboer somewhat sarcastically. The frustration is understandable, because Heijboer and his team spend a lot of time in the wind tunnel and the like to improve the performance of the riders, while also paying attention to the uniforms.

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Update – July 17, 2021 (10 pm): Stef Clement critical after tweet from Jumbo-Visma

Stef Clement does not fully agree with the criticism that Jumbo-Visma expressed on the Tour organization on Saturday. Jonas Vingegaard had to start in the individual time trial in the white youth jersey, but in that classification he is second. That the Dane was nevertheless not allowed to start in his own Agu suit, performance coach Mathieu Heijboer stabbed. Vingegaard rode in a white jersey of Le Coq Sportif and did not bad at all with a third place….

According to Clement, Heijboer’s tweet, who stated that Vingegaard was made slower with the white jersey, while he is not even the winner of the jersey, is justified to a certain extent. “It’s really crazy, especially because he’s not a leader in the standings. Tens of thousands of euros are invested for the fastest suit and you are not allowed to wear that suit. They come with two tailors, with needle and thread and then it’s all right.’

So much for a compliant Clement, who then thinks that Jumbo-Visma should have intervened harder. ‘The funny thing is that a complaint was filed yesterday (Friday, ed.), while the problem was already an issue in 2009. If you can’t fix this in 12 years, just don’t wear that suit. Then you take that fine for granted. All teams have to say that the interests are so great that they are rewarded for the innovations.’

The moment it turns out that there is no fine for not wearing the jersey, but exclusion from the Tour, Clement still has a reply: ‘It remains symptomatic. There is a problem and we need to fix it now. No, that problem has been there for years and then you didn’t solve it. They really wouldn’t have filed a complaint if they hadn’t had to ride in that white jersey today. If so, they raise their hands and want to fix it. However, you have to do that at the right time, with the right people at the table.’

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