Update 2 – Media Markt does not pre-order online

Media Markt has indicated that it will not provide online pre-orders. Instead, you have to physically go to the store to pre-order. A PS5 pre-order is also not possible over the phone. XGN has been in contact with the retail chain and has a strict policy.

Update – The pre-orders are now live

At bol.com you can now place a pre-order for the PS5. We’ll update this post as soon as more sites go live.

Original post below:

The new console from Sony can already be found at various online stores. While you can already pre-order the PS5 at some stores, other stores are more cautious. A number of conditions can be found for the pre-orders. So you can place a pre-order online at the moment or buy the PS5 if you are quick.

Buy the PlayStation 5

In addition to the normal version of the console, an All Digital Edition of the PS5 was also unveiled. The price of this is 399 euros, while the standard model costs 499 euros.

Buy the PlayStation 5 All Digital Edition

While the pre-orders are currently closed at Nedgame, you can still place a pre-order at Game Mania. To buy the new console you have to go to the store and make a 50 euro deposit there. Then, just like with Nedgame, you will be put on the waiting list.

Depending on the number of copies supplied by Sony, you will receive the console as soon as possible. You will also be contacted for which console you want, the normal console or the All Digital PS5.

PS5 reveal announcements

A lot of announcements were made during the PS5 reveal event. We have listed an overview for you with all the information about the event. We have also put all the PS5 games in an overview.

This article was updated on September 17, 2020.