Update 13.1 is in the starting blocks

from Andreas Link
The developers of Anno 1800 have returned from their Christmas vacation and announced update 13.1 for the game. The patch mainly contains bug fixes.

The developers of Anno 1800 are back from the Christmas vacation and have released the 31.1 update as the first measure. announced that it will be released next Tuesday, January 18th. The changelog for the patch is yet to be released, but it is already clear that these are primarily fixed bugs that appeared with patch 13.0 and are largely based on player feedback.

About the problems with Game Update 13 for Anno 1800 we had reported. The update brought support for the Colorful Paint Pack and Plant a Tree DLCs. To this end, the free scenario “Ends at the end” has been added. But there were also some bugs: problems include, among other things, that the key prompt to rotate the camera counterclockwise does not work. For reasons of space, lumberjacks and orchards need significantly longer to plant trees or to stop the planting process altogether. Tourists move out after loading the savegame and the pearl farm does not unlock as intended. There are also some errors in the new scenario “Ends at the end”.

That caused some resentment before Christmas, because you are used to better things from the developers around Anno 1800 and also had to live with the problems over the holidays. As the developers wrote, the release of Game Update 13 was a lesson to incorporate into planning for next year and Season 4.

Anno 1800 will get a Season 4 from 2022

Speaking of Season 4: It is scheduled for this year and will again have the scope of the last packages, i.e. three additional paid content and a free game update. The first concrete details are to be shown in March. Until then, purely cosmetic DLCs should be published, which are primarily aimed at Schönbauer and make no difference in terms of play. They usually cost around 5 euros.


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