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Even though the State Cashback is on its way to decline, there is no shortage of new similar initiatives. Here is the very latest

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The State Cashback was one of the measures that the count government implemented during the hardest months of the Covid pandemic -19.

Cashback’s purpose was to encourage the use of electronic money at the expense of cash to put a stop to tax evasion. Among a thousand controversies the Draghi government has decided not to renew the measure anymore who dies with the last refunds of the Supercashback that will arrive by 30 November 2021.

But if the State Cashback dies there are other similar initiatives put in place by private companies. In this article we see what the Cashback ATM.

Cashback ATMs, how it works

cashback atm

The loyalty program of Bancomat Pay, or the BPlay, offers great benefits and many exclusive rewards. BPlay has been in force since September 24, 2021: for each transaction made on e-commerce or mobile commerce sites with the BANCOMAT Pay Service, for an amount between € 50,00 e € 149,99, you get a 5% refund. For all payments of an amount equal to or greater than € 150.00, you will be entitled to a Cashback of € 10.00.

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Furthermore, until January 13, 2022, those who participate in the BPlay program will be able to receive a reimbursement of 500 euros. Refunds will be credited to the IBAN associated with the BANCOMAT Pay user on a weekly basis.

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Receiving refunds is very easy as more and more e-commerce and mobile commerce sites are starting to accept ATM Pay. At checkout you must select as payment method «BANCOMAT Pay», enter the mobile number, confirm the notification on your smartphone and conclude the transaction in total safety. You will not have to enter any card code or other security keys, except in your phone’s unlock code.

Joining the initiative is very simple: just activate the service BANCOMAT Pay and register on the website to activate the Cashback. Depending on the bank with which the service has been activated, you will need to access the section dedicated to BANCOMAT Pay service present in the app of your bank or download and open the’App “BANCOMAT Pay“; access via browser or from the BANCOMAT Pay App at selecting your bank and entering your telephone number. Finally all that remains is accept terms and conditions of the initiative.



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