Unvaccinated health personnel: second warning for 280

Vaccines against Covid: every day the numbers of citizens who progressively access the administrations increase. At the same time, the procedures also proceed to identify how many, among health personnel or who work in health or social health facilities, have not yet undergone the vaccine: for these categories, in fact, there is an obligation (by law until 31 December) , and the rules also provide for sanctions and suspension from work if the lack of vaccination is not justified. As of yesterday, the names of unvaccinated health personnel and the like (not only doctors and nurses, but also radiology technicians, psychologists, dentists and oss, social and health workers) sent by the Lombardy Region and other Regions as far as the competence of Ats of Bergamo were 3,788. In detail, these are nurses (32.23%), surgeons and dentists (20.20%), medical radiology technicians (13.42%), psychologists (13.08%), pharmacists (8.22 %), veterinarians (3.06%), biologists (2.64%), midwives (2.46%), oss (1.98%), medical radiology health technicians and rehabilitation health professions (1.58% ), chemical (0.89%), others 0.23%.