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A case that is unbelievable, the one that happened in Changsha, China. Here a youtuber, Mr Kang, has been kicked out of an All you can eat restaurant for eating too much. The man had gone to eat at the Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet, where he had already gone in the past eating 1.5 kg of pork, while another time 4 kg of shrimp. According to what is reported by the Bbc, the man would have been literally banned by the restaurant owner after eating 6 kg of food in two binges.

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“Every time I come here – explained the owner of the restaurant – I lose a few hundred yuan (the Chinese currency)”. But Mr. Kang is not only used to eating, but also to drinking. “Even when he drinks soy milk, consume 20 or 30 bottles – continues the unfortunate -. When eating pork kebabs, eat up the entire tray. And for shrimp, people usually use tongs to pick them up, while Mr. King takes them with him the whole tray “.

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Yet the news did not appeal to the youtuber, who is now forced to change restaurants: “I can eat a lot, is it my fault? I didn’t waste food”. It goes without saying that the video of the complaints has been around the web. More than a few users wanted to be ironic: “Let’s see how long you would last with un all you can eat di lasagne“. Better not say it twice.

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