Unrecognizable Brendan Fraser transforming into a 600 pound man for his new movie

Gone is the gallant image that Brendan Fraser boasted in the 90s, thanks to films like “George de la selva”, “Al diablo con el diablo” and “La Mummy”, the actor became a dream for many of his followers and was considered one of the most handsome men in the film industry.

However, after spending several years away from the spotlight, Fraser, now 53, is experiencing a new phase in his career and that includes a completely new image. For his new movie, the native of Indiana was forced to make a drastic change in his physique as he was forced to “gain” almost 400 pounds to play his character.

Brendan will star in the film “The Whale”, where he will play Charlie, a writer who abandons his family to run away with his gay lover, but after his death he begins to eat compulsively to the point of suffering from morbid obesity.

The first photographs of the actor with his new weight have already begun to circulate on social networks and the result is so surprising that it has left users speechless, as they assure that Fraser looks unrecognizable.

It should be noted that this look is the result of several hours of characterization, as he had to undergo an intense makeup routine and the placement of several prosthetics to resemble a man who weighs about 600 pounds.

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In the film, the protagonist of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” will share credits with the young star of “Stranger Things”, Sadie Sink, and he himself has assured that he is excited to see himself on screen because this work does not resemble anything of what you have done before.



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