Unreal Engine 5 – Interview-Special

Glittering high-rise facades, rugged canyons, human-like game characters: With the Unreal Engine 5, games unfold an impressive graphic splendor. An interview about the most exciting features and possibilities of Epic’s new game engine.

Nerve-wracking cave adventures, glossy remakes of “RDR” and “Vice City”, a “WoW” fortress or a creepy train station in Japan: New YouTube videos appear almost daily, showing us the potential of Unreal Engine 5 . The company Epic Games, which released the engine in early April, has already released some blatant demos: For example the “Tomb Raider”-like video “Valley of the Ancient” or “The Matrix Awakens”, which you can even play on consoles can.

In short: The Unreal Engine 5 could give AAA titles a powerful boost. But does this also apply to indie games? Let’s ask Michael Hengstmann, the chief programmer at Spaceflower in Nuremberg. In 2019, Hengstmann joined the studio, which was newly founded by Thomas Otto, as a partner – five developers are now employed there. In 2021, Spaceflower completed the prototype of its debut work “Let Them Trade”, and the start of production is imminent. The first experiments with “Let Them Trade” took place in the game engine Unity. But Spaceflower soon switched to UE4 – and…

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