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Rudy Zerbi infuriated the audience of Amici 21. The singing teacher did it for the umpteenth time. Here’s what happened.


After the Christmas break, on Sunday 9 January the afternoon of Friends, the talent show of Canale 5 which this year has reached its twenty-first edition. During the stop, the boys remained in the houses and did not return to their families, to avoid positivity related to Covid.

Exactly as we left them, the students of the school had to undergo the challenges to stay in the talent and they had to perform one at a time in front of their teachers to confirm the shirt. It is precisely the dance and singing teachers who have the power, together with the production, to give and remove the bench to the children.

The last situation of this type happened during the episode aired last Sunday. Rudy Zerbi, in fact, he decided to suspend the bank ad Elena Manuele. In fact, the singer is at risk of being eliminated. The decision of the former president of Sony Music did not please the public who had it heavily criticized.

Friends 21, evening at risk? Skyrocketing Concern: The Situation

Amici 21, Rudy Zerbi puts Elena at risk: heavy criticism of the teacher on social networks

In the latest episode of Amici 21, Rudy Zerbi he was on hookup from home because he tested positive for the molecular swab. Despite his absence in the studio, he did not spare himself in “beating” his students and those of others and have his say on all the performances.

To receive the warning from the teacher of the school was Elena Manuele. The pupil, who entered the race during the program, was given the bank at risk. In fact, Zerbi confessed that he has several doubts about her, especially with regard to unpublished works.

For this reason he asked three famous Italian producers – Michele Canova, B-Croma and Federico Nardelli – what they thought of the singer’s songs. All of them confirmed that these are unoriginal songs. So they confirmed they didn’t want to produce them.

So, during the auditions that continue to take place despite the program being in an advanced stage, Rudy noticed an aspiring singer who could take Elena’s place. The girl is called Paily and will have to stay a week in the house and take lessons in the school.

At the end of this period, Zerbi will evaluate the performance of both and decide what to do with Elena: whether to confirm the bank, replace it or delete both. An attitude that was not liked by the audience of the talent who poured out on social networks to challenge Zerbi.

Friends 21 furious quarrel: big words fly

Viewers blame the teacher for doing the same job every time a singer doesn’t get the popular approval he hopes for. For this reason he decides to replace it, as has already happened in this edition.


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