A stranger brought an unidentified older woman to the Elisabeth hospital on Monday around 3 p.m. The approximately 80-year-old subsequently died of acute heart failure.

So far, the police do not know who the deceased is or who took her to the hospital. Therefore, the investigators urgently need clues that contribute to the identification.

According to the police report, the man who brought the elderly woman to the clinic in a black VW Golf was said to be about 60 to 70 years old, about 1.78 meters tall and slim. He had short gray hair and was dressed in black work pants and a red T-shirt. The unknown woman is said to have called the sick woman and asked for help. So you should know each other. Therefore, the police urge these important identification witnesses to report immediately.

No missing person report received yet

The deceased was about 1.70 meters tall and gray-haired. At the time of her admission to the hospital, she was wearing a pink summer dress with white dots and a V-neck, as well as open shoes in gray color with floral decorations and rhinestones. The following inscription is engraved on their gold wedding ring: Georg 30.7.1956. There are currently no other identifying features, according to the police,

The police have so far not received a missing person report, the report continues. It can be assumed that the deceased lived in the vicinity of Ravensburg. Anyone who misses someone in their environment who fits the description or can provide other relevant information about the still unknown woman is also urged to report as soon as possible.

Information is available from the long-term crime service, phone 0751/8034444, and the police station Ravensburg, phone 0751/8033333.

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