The guide that candidates await for university base scores and quotas has been published today. Following the announcement of the YKS results, the candidates are investigating the base scores and quotas of the universities in order to choose the most suitable school and department for their scores. According to the statement made by ÖSYM, YKS preference transactions will be taken electronically between 6 – 14 August 2020. ÖSYM 2020 YKS university base scores and quotas guide are in our news.


In the statement made by ÖSYM, it was said:

“2020-YKS preference procedures will start on August 06, 2020. Candidates will be able to choose their preferences between 06-14 August 2020, according to the rules in the guide. Preference processes will end on August 14, 2020, at 23.59 hours.

Candidates will be able to access the 2020-YKS Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide through the link below. Candidates who will make a preference should examine the Guide carefully and make their choices according to this guide information. The ‘Department of Conditions and Explanations of Higher Education Programs’ must be read, after these conditions and explanations are carefully examined, the choices must be ended.

Candidates will complete their preferences in line with the statements on ÖSYM’s website at Preference process should be terminated according to the warnings on the screen. No preference will be made from the application centers. Preference lists sent to ÖSYM by mail or delivered by hand will not be valid. Only preferences to be made electronically will be processed.

Candidates should carefully protect their personal identity information and TC Identity numbers and ÖSYM candidate transactions passwords and not share them with anyone. The candidate himself will be responsible for the victimization that will occur by sharing the TR Identity number and ÖSYM candidate transactions password with others. “


What is the minimum score required to apply to higher education programs?

Type of Higher Education Program Related Score Types Score / Order of Success Condition
To choose associate degree programs TYT It’s 150 pounds
In order to pre-register for undergraduate programs requiring special abilities (Central exam points are not required for placement of high school graduates of State Conservatories / Conservatories in the undergraduate circuit of Conservatories.) TYT En 150 puan *

Teaching programs that require special skills

to pre-register

TYT Lowest 800th (800,000) *
To be able to choose undergraduate programs placed centrally In the respective score type En 170 puan

* For students with disabilities in programs that take students with a special aptitude test (physically handicapped, visually impaired, hearing impaired, MR (mental retardation) and “common developmental disorders” (autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Asperger syndrome, RETT syndrome, disintegrative disorders, non-classifiable common developmental disorders in the group)), provided that they document their disability, the TYT score must be 100 and above, excluding teaching programs. For teaching programs, it should be at the lowest 800th place in the TYT.

What is the Lowest Level of Success to Apply for Law, Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, Teaching, Dentistry, Pharmacy Programs?

Program Type Related Score Type Order of Success *
Placement in law programs SHE Lowest 125,000th (125,000)

Placement in engineering programs

(Programs of Forestry, Agriculture, Aquaculture / Aquaculture Faculties,

Wood Works Industrial Engineering programs,

Except for Fisheries Technology Engineering programs;

Food Engineering programs of Agricultural Faculties)

SAY Lowest 300th (300,000)
Placement in architectural programs SAY Lowest 250,000th (250,000)
Placement in medical programs SAY Lowest 50th (50,000)

Placement in teaching programs

(Including Guidance and Psychological Counseling program)

Related Score Type Lowest 300th (300,000)
Placement in pharmaceutical programs SAY Lowest 100th (100,000)
Placement procedures in dentistry programs SAY Lowest 80th (80,000)