Fortunately, his project was aborted. A 22-year-old American soldier has been charged in New York for helping a neo-Nazi group prepare against his own unit based in Turkey for an attack which was aimed at causing “massive casualties”.

Preparations go back to May, but the attack was ultimately not launched.

Originally from Kentucky and a soldier since 2018, Ethan Melzer was stationed in Vicenza, Italy, with his unit, which was to be deployed in Turkey, according to the indictment placed on file Monday.

“Ethan Melzer was a priori motivated by hatred and racism in the pursuit of this ultimate act of treason,” said the United States Department of Justice in a statement. His project had been discovered by the army and the FBI in late May, before his arrest on June 10.

An attack which would have caused “massive” losses

Sympathetic since 2019 to the British neo-Nazi movement Order of Nine Angles (O9A), Ethan Melzer transmitted precise information, via an online discussion forum of the O9A, as to the future parking place of his unit in Turkey .

The soldier also detailed the material means available to the unit and exposed points of weakness in the site protection system. Questioned in late May by the army and the FBI, he said it was “to facilitate an attack on the unit which would have caused massive losses”, according to the indictment.

Currently in detention, the young man has been charged with a criminal association to kill American soldiers and in support of a terrorist group by Manhattan federal prosecutor Audrey Strauss. The charges must be formally served on him by a judge on a date not yet specified.

A satanist organization

The O9A is a neo-Nazi and Satanist group whose influence has extended far beyond the United Kingdom, especially in the United States, where it has sympathizers.

Antisemitic, this tiny group advocates acts of extreme violence and has already openly declared its support for Osama bin Laden as well as for the jihadist ideology.

During discussions on the O9A forum, the soldier and his contact also mentioned a jihadist-inspired operation. Before planning this attack Ethan Melzer had been influenced by several propaganda content, whether from O9A or ISIS.