The Embassy of the United States in the country reported on Wednesday afternoon that for this Thursday, July 30, it will be closed due to the passage of a tropical cyclone that threatens the country.

In the statement that was posted through their social networks, they announced that they will not be offering emergency services to US citizens in the country.

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) reported in its meteorological bulletin this Wednesday at 3:00 in the afternoon that some 13 provinces were put on yellow alert and another 13 were green, before the arrival of the phenomenon.

The entity added that the potential tropical cyclone # 9, is located approximately at latitude 16.0 north and longitude 64.4 west, this is about 860 km southeast of Saona Island, winds of 75 kph, stormy winds that extend to about 445 km outside its center, and moves west / northwest at about 37 km / h