MacKenzie Scott, who had obtained nearly 35 billion francs during his divorce from Jeff Bezos, gave nearly 2 billion to various NGOs.

MacKenzie Scott, and 2018.


MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who became billionaire following their divorce, announced on Tuesday that he had donated nearly $ 1.7 billion (1.56 billion francs) to charity . She had received a total of 38 billion dollars (34.9 billion francs) from her former husband.

After finalizing her divorce from the richest man in the world in July 2019, she pledged to donate half of her fortune. She explains on the Medium platform that she has since made donations to more than a hundred organizations.

“Complex challenges”

“I made a contribution to each of them and invited them to spend it in whatever way they thought best to advance their cause,” she wrote. “They all tackle without exception complex challenges that will require continuous efforts over many years,” she adds. A third of his donations (538.2 million francs) were made to organizations working for racial equality, according to his post on Medium.

The multi-billionaire also says she has donated 366 million francs to charities in the field of economic mobility. The rest went to various causes relating to public health, equality between men and women, democracy and the fight against climate change.