United Kingdom – World’s 1st vaccinated man has died


William Shakespeare had used his famous name to promote vaccination. He died of a stroke.

William Shakespeare had been vaccinated on December 8, 2020.


The 8th December 2020 in front of cameras around the world, Briton Margaret Keenan became the 1st nobody on earth excluding clinical trials to receive a dose of vaccine against the coronavirus, the one developed by Pfizer. Soon after the first woman followed the first man: William Shakespeare. Nicknamed «Bill», his disambiguation with the famous playwright offered worldwide publicity for vaccination. But the Englishman of 81 years old from Coventry died last Thursday, reports the BBC.

William Shakespeare died unrelated to the pandemic but from a stroke. “Bill was very grateful for sto be seen offering theopportunity to become lone of the first people in the world to receive the vaccine. VSwas something he was extremely proud of. Il loved seeing the media coverage and the positive differencehe was able to do in the life of so many people», testified his wife Joy. And to conclude: “He always encouraged everyone to get vaccinated, wheneverhe could.»