Google has been relentless and has decided to erase the Play Store a total of 9 apps that have been found to steal users’ Facebook passwords.

To do this, they asked them to identify themselves with their Facebook to access premium features or stop receiving advertising spam.

The applications opened a false screen on the phone to enter a username and password. This screen overlapped the Facebook screen to try avoid raising suspicions.

When the owner of the mobile introduced user y password in the fraudulent session they were sent to a remote server where the hackers were waiting for them.

Evina, discovered the fraud to Google

Evina is a company specialized in fighting fraud over the internet and was in charge of warning Google.

“The apps were fully functional, which was supposed to weaken the vigilance of potential victims. In addition, to access all the functions of the applications and supposedly to disable the ads in the application, users were asked to log into their Facebook accounts. Ads within some of the applications were present, and this maneuver was intended to further encourage Android device owners to take the required actions »publishes

If you are one of the 6 million users that one of these applications had been downloaded, delete them. You’re already taking What’s more, they have detected five variants of malware hidden within these applications that could function as a Trojan.

Check the list and verify your accounts:

  1. Processing Photo
  2. PIP Photo
  3. Rubbish Cleaner
  4. Lock Keep
  5. Lock Manager
  6. Lockit Master
  7. Horoscope Pi
  8. Horoscope Daily
  9. Inwell Fitness