Unilabs, excellence in medical tests and Covid tests

On many occasions, medical professionals have great difficulties in establishing differential diagnoses in some diseases. This causes that, sometimes, the diagnoses are wrong and the treatment ineffective.

When this happens, the affected person tries to seek a second opinion or diagnosis, often in highly specialized centers that carry out personalized tests.

This is the case of Centers of Excellence Unilabs, a firm that provides doctors and patients with access to the most advanced medical tests that are personally adapted to each person.

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Personalized medical tests

These medical tests include obtaining blood samples and their subsequent analysis, in addition to all kinds of radiological examinations, including scanners and advanced mammography services.

Covid-19 testing

Additionally, tests related to Covid-19 can be requested. There are 6 different types of tests, by means of which the presence of the virus can be detected or to find out if the person already has a certain degree of immunization.

Test PCR

This type of test detects the presence of the coronavirus early. 3 types of PCR test are available:

  1. Standard PCR: It is performed by inserting a swab through the nose, in order to obtain the discharge sample.
  2. PCR premium: identical to the previous one, but the test results are provided in as little as one hour.
  3. Saliva PCR: a more comfortable way to perform the test.

All PCR tests detect any strain or variant of the coronavirus.

Antigen testing

Like the PCR tests, the antigen test allows to know if the person has the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The big difference is that the antigen test is much faster, and results are available within 15-30 minutes.

Antibody test

This serological test detects the amount of Igm antibodies e Igg existing in blood. If they are found to be present, it means that the person has already passed the infection, regardless of whether they have had noticeable symptoms.

The request to carry out any test related to Covid can be made from the Unilabs website itself.

Diagnostic specialists

In the Unilabs Centers of Excellence Not only can you perform complete medical evaluations, but it is the only Spanish company that performs clinical, pathological and diagnostic imaging analyzes.

The complete catalog includes the genetic diagnosis of genetic, chronic and infectious diseases. In the same way, the patient can access early cancer detection systems

Finally, let us point out that many of the tests and services offered by Unilabs They can be requested directly by the person concerned, without the intervention or mediation of medical professionals.