Unieuro Vero Fuorimo, 50% discount on Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

We have already covered on these pages the fact that some Samsung Smart TVs are available at half price from Unieuro. However, it is interesting to focus specifically on one of these promotions. In fact, there’s a pretty good discount on it a Neo QLED TV from Samsung.

Going into more detail, the Samsung 55QN700A model is offered at a price of 999 euros on the official website of Unieuro. According to what can be read on the portal of the well-known chain, previously the cost of the product was 1,999 euros. Therefore, who knows what calculation is not needed to understand that there is a 50% discount, that is, you can save 1,000 euros. The promotion is part of Unieuro’s Il Vero Fuorimo initiative, which will remain active until 11 August 2022.

In any case, the Samsung Series 7 55QN700A datasheet includes a 55-inch Neo QLED panel with 8K resolution (7,680 x 4,320 pixels). The Tizen operating system is a must, which allows you to access all the smart features of the case. Then there are 4 HDMI ports and obviously support for DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 standards.

For the rest, taking a look at what is proposed by the other major online stores, we noticed that the TV is offered at 1,299 euros by MediaWorld. On Amazon Italy, however, retailers start the price from € 1,178.95. In short, you understand that Unieuro’s offer could actually appeal to a certain type of user.

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