Unia has elected its new board of directors

The Unia union has appointed its new board of directors. The 350 delegates notably re-elected Vania Alleva as president, during a decentralized congress which was held Friday and Saturday in 14 localities.

Bruna Campanello and Yves Defferrard are them newly elected to the executive committee, for the first time with a female majority, Unia indicates in a press release on Saturday. Corrado Pardini, who resigned in 2020, and Aldo Ferrari are stepping down from the board.

In her speech, Vania Alleva described the vote as a sign of historic change. ‘When I took my first union job in 1997, the assemblies were almost entirely made up of men. As for leadership positions, let’s not even talk about them. We had made some efforts and found a single woman to sit on the steering committee, ‘she recalled.

Ms. Aleva is convinced that this change will improve the union’s ability to offer responses to the digitization, precariousness, tertiarization and globalization of the world of work. It designates as main objectives for the years to come the strengthening of social security and collective agreements, equal pay and union development in essential service professions.

A ‘violent wind’

‘A strong wind is blowing against us,’ Vania Alleva noted on Friday, at the opening of the fifth ordinary congress. In particular, she pointed out the attacks by employers against the retirement age at 60 in the construction industry.

Among the strategic priorities retained for the coming years, Unia wants to focus its efforts on organizing the health sector, ‘very little covered by unions but which employs nearly half a million workers’

Delegates also adopted a resolution on combating the pandemic. They called for a ‘solidarity offensive’ in the coming years to prevent ‘social division’. Among the measures adopted are full wage compensation for partial unemployment and compulsory labor contracts, particularly in care, sales and logistics.

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Taxes targeting the super-rich

Endangered jobs in particularly affected sectors such as catering must also be maintained. Delegates also accepted the idea of ​​a Covid solidarity tax targeting the super-rich.

In addition, the delegates gave the green light to a debate on the Unia 2.0 reform. The latter will be discussed at an extraordinary congress to be held in early 2023.



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