Real estate activities, commerce, accommodation and restaurants are some of the sectors with the most offers.

The number of job offers registered in public employment centers that are yet to be satisfied reached almost 24 thousand vacancies at the end of October, revealed, on Monday, the Employment and Professional Training Institute (IEFP).

Since June, jobs that no one wants or for which there are no suitable profiles have been around 24,000. In October, the increase in vacant jobs (unsatisfied offer) was over 54%.

This explosion in offers also reflects what happened in 2020, the first period of the impact of the pandemic crisis, in which many companies had to close or sharply reduce their activity (because of the confinements). By October 2020, the number of job offers was dropping by around 15%.

In any case, the 23,600 job offers not filled up to the end of last month are one of the highest levels in the official series dating back to 1977.

The historic record was reached in mid-2017 (24.6 thousand jobs to be filled), when the Portuguese economy was recovering from the debt crisis and the effects of the troika’s austerity program (which ended in mid-2014).

These IEFP numbers are in line with what many businessmen (from various sectors) who complain about the lack of labor have been saying. They also help confirm that many of these jobs must offer lower wages and offer precarious or unattractive conditions for those looking for work.

The IEFP shows that registered unemployment has even been declining and that the pace of placements is evolving rapidly, which helps to alleviate the pressure on the labor market and Social Security (which thus tends to pay fewer benefits for unemployment).

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However, the mismatch between demand and supply is growing: the number of jobs that remain empty is rising at a much faster rate than that of placements. The reality may be more serious since the IEFP centers represent only a portion of the national employment market. There are thousands of job offers that do not go through this public platform.


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