Unexpected work stoppage for bus drivers Tilburg over

There were no buses in Tilburg until nine o’clock on Monday morning due to a work stoppage by bus drivers. The drivers asked for more working hours for flex workers and guaranteed leave. They discussed this with the Arriva management at seven o’clock in the morning.

The work stoppage took place after it was decided in Tilburg to switch to the summer timetable earlier due to labor shortages.

“Such a summer timetable means that fewer buses would run,” explains bus driver Sooi van Weegberg. “That there is a lower frequency and that there is no bus anymore after nine o’clock in certain neighborhoods of Tilburg and the surrounding villages.”

According to the drivers, there is no reason for this. “We wanted to discuss this in any case because we saw some possibilities to increase the frequency.” They say there are plenty of people who can do the job. “In any case, we still see potential with the 35 temporary workers we have in Tilburg. They could receive more guarantee hours until 1 September.”

Beautiful appointments
According to Sooi, ‘great agreements’ were eventually made with the management of Arriva. “Temporary workers have been given a guarantee that they can be deployed for 32 hours. With, if they wish, even the prospect of more. We have also agreed that refused leave will still be granted and we have the commitment that our management will do everything in its power to be able to introduce a winter timetable again as of 1 September.”

The bus drivers are satisfied after Monday morning’s conversation, says Sooi. “Especially about the way we sat around the table with our management. The management recognizes the problems that exist and believes that we should talk about it at an earlier stage.”

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‘Now I got out of bed for nothing’
Travelers were surprised early Monday morning by the bus drivers’ work stoppage. “Now I got out of bed for nothing”, sighed a student. One boy did see an advantage in the work stoppage. “Now we can’t go to school,” he said with a laugh. “Can I go home nicely!”

But shortly after he said this, it was announced that the timetable had been restarted and the buses in Tilburg started running again. Sooi wants to say something to the people who were waiting in vain for the bus this morning: “Sorry people, but this time action was needed again.”

Not part of relay strike
Monday morning’s work stoppage was not announced in advance, according to an Arriva spokeswoman, nor was it part of the relay strike in regional transport for a better collective labor agreement.

Due to that relay strike, part of the bus transport in Tilburg and Eindhoven came to a standstill last weekends. Arriva takes seriously into account that due to a strike by FNV members on Tuesday, disruptions may occur in the timetable in and around Den Bosch. The same applies to the timetable in and around Breda and Oosterhout on 1 June.

Arriva tries to run normal timetables as much as possible: it will only be clear at the last minute whether rides will be canceled due to the strike and which they will be.


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