UNESCO ordered the demolition of the support bar that served an umbrella terrace located in one of the viewpoints of the Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary, in Braga, so that the space continues to be considered a World Heritage Site.

The information was confirmed by O MINHO with Varico Pereira, vice-president of the Confraria do Bom Jesus, who still does not know when the demolition will take place, since two factors need to be considered – a legal and a financial one.

At issue is a cafeteria to support the terraces built in concrete, around the 60s of the last century. According to UNESCO, that building does not fit into the surrounding space and will have to be removed.

The concession to operate the bar has already ended and the brotherhood plans to start demolition very soon, but the authorization of the General Directorate of Heritage for the project that is intended to be implemented there is still lacking. And the funds to carry out this project are lacking.

Varico Pereira explains that the terrace was “slightly moved” to near the monocle, next to the Hotel do Bom Jesus, whose coffee maker service will continue to support the terraces installed there.

“The building we are talking about is the one in concrete, a small cube that is completely out of character, and that has nothing to do with the building underneath, built in the 18th century. It will have to be demolished because it undermines the authenticity of the rest of the building”, explains the official.

“The cement cube, an architectural aberration, is putting pressure on the chapel and de-characterizing the space, and we want to remodel the building underneath, including a new cafeteria”, he concluded.

In addition to this aspect, there are other recommendations carried out by UNESCO that the brotherhood will have to comply with in order to maintain the status of the sanctuary. One of them has to do with the surrounding landscape and should be discussed shortly at a summit of that international organization, to be held this July, in China.