The war between “The Maradona” it flares up every so often. This week, the visit of Dalma Maradona a LAM rekindled the flames of the confrontation between two of the daughters of Diego, the aforementioned Dalma y Gianinna, with the sisters of the greatest footballer of all time, who defend tooth and nail to Fernando Morla, last lawyer, manager and friend of 10 and who is the worst rival of the girls.

Interviewed by Angel de Brito, Dalma he attacked again Morla and expressed his desire to see him in jail. She is convinced that this ending would be the fairest and most appropriate for her compartment, especially at the end of her dad’s life. “We had decided to take Dad to Gianinna’s house and there they went crazy because they were afraid of losing him and not being able to get the money from him “the girl accused.

The sisters of Maradona They buckled behind the figure of the lawyer, and accused their nieces of being more concerned about the money they generated Diego -in life, but also after November 25 of last year, the day he died- than for anything else, making it clear that the passage of the first months did not manage to heal the wounds. None.

A few weeks ago, it transpired and was accepted by the parties themselves that Morla is fulfilling a kind of pact that he had agreed with Maradona shortly before the idol’s death: if something happened with DiegoAs it finally happened, he had to take care of his sisters. If instead something happened with Morla, era Maradona who had to attend to the needs of the lawyer’s family.


Playing “questions and answers” on your social networks, Dalma He came across a question referring to this issue, precisely. A user wanted to know what he thought of what his father’s sisters had thought in the statement they issued a few hours after his time on the spicy program that he conducts Angel de Brito every morning on Channel 13.

What do you think of what your aunts say? “someone wanted to know. Dalma he answered with everything, true to his style. “What about everything?” I send you a lot of love and hopefully one day you can understand that the family my dad chose was us 3! “, phrase that accompanied with the emoji of a red heart. Clear and forceful, right?

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