Underpainting, the makeup trend for a luminous face and an instant good face

Underpainting, the makeup trend for a luminous face and an instant good face


He Natural makeup and luminous is one of the most sought after techniques. And to achieve it successfully comes the underpaintingthe new one beauty trend of 2023 for a luminous face and one good face immediate.

Sienna Miller surrenders to the underpainting technique like other...

Sienna Miller surrenders to the underpainting technique like other celebrities for an instant good face makeup.Getty.

cornered by Mary Philipsmake-up artist Sienna Miller, Hailey Baldwin o Kendall Jennerthe new makeup trend arrives that promises to revolutionize our way of putting on makeup: he underpaintinga technique that will undoubtedly give people talk, due to the naturalness it offers when it comes to getting a juicier skinbright and pretty with just reverse the order of our makeup products.

What is underpainting?

It is a technique of layered makeup which consists of first applying the concealer, the blush and even also applying the illuminator under the makeup base. And the reason for this order is because it gives the skin of the face a most natural appearance. Given the nature of this makeup trickfor the base, the cream and liquid products They are the ones that work best because by choosing creamy textures when applying layers we can blend them much better.

The advantages of underpainting

Among the advantages of this makeup technique is that you can create a very subtle and diffused makeup with a leather-like finish and enhances the naturalness of the face as if we were barely wearing makeup and with an evident feeling of good face.

Underpainting paso a paso

  1. Prepare the face with your skin care products.
  2. Then start first with the concealer to disguise any imperfections, redness or tears and diffuse it with a brush or a damp makeup sponge.
  3. Then, apply bronzer, blush and highlighter on the face as you normally would and blend each one with a different brush or with the help of your fingers.
  4. Then apply a light, liquid foundation. so that the products you just applied show through. Make sure it’s not too opaque because it can cover the first layer of products.
  5. For the last layer use a brush or a sponge so that the product blends better. Do it in small amounts so that the rest of the applied products stay in place.
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Cosmetics for an underpainting 10

Nars Maui The Multiple Multi-Purpose Stick

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Ideal to apply with your fingers to different areas of the face, this multi-use stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body has a unique cream formula for a second-skin effect and to provide areas of luminosity and color.

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Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Concealer Corrector by Givenchy

On sale at Sephora (37.50 euros)

An all-in-one formula that acts as a concealer and alternative to foundation. A basic to unify and hide facial imperfections and a radiant and cared for skin effect.

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