Under compliance with the strike of health professionals in Mendoza

During the day on Tuesday, health workers grouped in AMPro.S (Mendocan Association of Health Professionals) carried out a strike without assistance to workplaces and a concentration on the esplanade of the Government House from mid-morning.

Sources from the Government House assured that there is low compliance with the force measure, and the first reports that arrived around noon had convincing data regarding the assistance of professionals.

In the Central Hospital, for example, the shift was complete and the surgeries that were scheduled with staff anesthesiologists were performed normally; however, some providers were lacking in hospitalization and clinics.

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“The measure responds to the irresponsibility of the Provincial Executive and the Ministry of Health, of not summoning AMProS to the Negotiating Commission to discuss the loss of more than 80% of the salary of health professionals in Mendoza, which has produced a worrying exodus of medical specialists and puts the province’s Public Health at serious risk,” the union had published on its communication channels.

Unemployment and compliance in hospitals


-Shift: complete-Scheduled surgeries with plant anesthesiologists are being performed.
-Internment and clinics working: Some providers were missing.


-Guard: complete-Offices and hospitalization: not working at the moment.
-Scheduled surgeries: they are not performed due to compliance with anesthesiologists and surgeries.


-Guard: complete-Floor: complete.
-Office and hospitalization in operation: 10% compliance with the plant and 1% with providers.


-Guard: complete.-90% attendance. Clinical providers were lacking.
-Scheduled surgeries with a plant anesthesiologist have attended.


-Guard: complete-Internment: working (3 professionals absent).
-Offices: operating with 10 staff physicians absent (25% compliance).


-Guard: full-External office- 2 staff professionals absent
-Internship: all working
-Scheduled surgery: to verify

Argentine nurses

-All services running, except laboratory. On-call laboratory working.

Malarge Regional

-All professionals working


-Guard: complete-Internment and doctor’s office: working normally. 1 diagnostic imaging specialist joined.

The Heras (Tupungato)

-Full duty-Office: 1 obstetrician (delegate). 20% in pediatrics and gynecology.
-Internment: covered
-Laboratory and pharmacy: working.


-Guard: complete-Lab attached
-Internacin: working
-Office: working. 1 clinician was missing.
– Dentist: missing pediatric dentist
-Pediatrician: joined 1 pediatrician who controls healthy children


-Guard: complete.-Office: 100% working
– Hospitalization: complete
-Clinical and bacteriological laboratory: normal.


-On-call: complete-On-call and routine laboratory: working
-Internment: covered
-Neo guard: covered
-Office: 100% compliance
-Dentistry: covered in outpatient clinic

Carrillo (25% compliance)

-Guard: complete-Office: 25% compliance
– Hospitalization: complete
-Routine and emergency laboratory: working.

Raffo Sands

-Guard: complete-100% working.


-Guard: complete-100% presenteeism

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