Uncomfortable moment in Pasapalabra: a participant cheated and the production did not let him pass

The Spanish version of Pass word It is one of the most watched programs in the old continent and in each broadcast the participants compete for hundreds of thousands of Euros, that is why it is very important for them to accumulate seconds that are then vital in The Rosco. This week, in order to have more time, a contestant performed a strange strategy and the driver, Roberto Leal, sanctioned him.

It was in the game Where are they?, which consists of memorizing the location of the words in the panel of nine spaces. It happens that when you find the same number of words as your opponentJavier from the orange team decided to let the clock run after the draw to take the seconds of that test. It is that if he tried to guess more and lost, he would run out of accumulated time.

“Better, better (that I didn’t say anything else). Because that’s how we tie. If I fail (when answering the next one) we lose every second “he said to his teammate in a low voice as the buzzer sounded that the game was over.

Alerted by the mischief of the contestant, the driver Roberto Leal told him that he could not let his strategy pass and that since he had spent more time than allowed without answering, he had to deduct the seconds of the game. “Javier, it really would have been five correct answers, but I have to give you the last one as a mistake because something has just happened and that is that it took you more than 4 seconds to say that answer”Said the host.

“You can’t do this, yeswith the rules of the program, it had never happened, but they are the rules of Pass word. Among other things, when you have a watch it is so that strategies are not possible when saving that result. Therefore, I am very sorry: they are zero hits for the orange team“Leal added.

The Argentine version of the cycle was made in the 2001 and 2002 and was led by Claribel Medina. In 2016 he returned to the screen of El Trece where he was until last year under the leadership of Iván de Pineda. This year he returned to Telefe afternoons and every day the participants play for hundreds of thousands of pesos. On weekends it has its famous edition.

Iván de Pineda in Pasapalabra

Since it started until today, only four champions won El Rosco. The first was Horacio Moavro, who in 2016 took 300 million pesos. Two years later, after ten broadcasts Martin Barraz he took the well of more than a million pesos. In the middle of that year the English teacher Diego Aira, with a record number of participations (68), took a similar sum and in 2019 after 27 games Camilo Rubio took just under two million pesos.

“The entire production team, all of us who make this show, love it deeply. We had fun, we had a good timeEvery day when we do the program we take something with us, we learn. We love to share it with the people who see it, wherever they are, with the participants in the study, with the guests who very generously come to play, to have a good time, to add to it. It is a program that has that, pure empathy “, he had said a while ago to Teleshow Iván de Pineda, happy with the return of the cycle.

In 2020, when he said goodbye as soon as the pandemic began, he said in what was his last afternoon at El Trece: “Today a stage ends. They were four years of success. Through culture, with participants and celebrities, we had a great time. Thank you for always being with this beautiful program. It was a luxury. We are very glad we did. We will meet again very soon. It will be until next time ”.


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