UNCAus authorities awarded Diplomas to 17 Graduates of the Medicine career

On December 30, 2021, the rector of the National University of the Austral Chaco, Germán Oestmann, together with the Academic Secretary, Manuel Ricardone and the director of the race, Adriana Manresa, carried out through a formal act in the University Council Room, the delivery of Diplomas to 17 graduates of the degree that is dictated with face-to-face modality in the educational institution.

In this framework, the rector said “for us it is an honor to carry out this act of the race, which has played a very important role during the pandemic, where our students went out into the territory and it was not about a game, but about life same, where they worked with primary health care and the detect program and have contributed to the public health system, which shows that commitment and degree of training that our students have with a lot of social empathy ”, explained Oestmann.

The academic secretary explained that “the need for doctors, health personnel, is very important for the province and the region and fills us with pride, since these professionals will be at the disposal of the health service of the province to insert themselves into the labor market. and join those who are already working there ”.

Regarding the registrations for the race, Manuel Ricardone commented that “the courses have already started and there are more than a thousand registered, which shows that society is trusting in the academic quality provided by UNCAus, which is a great source of pride for all”, He expressed.

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