Ünal: “We knew it was win or die”

Ünal: “We knew it was win or die”


Enes UnalGetafe striker, stated this Wednesday, after his team’s victory against Celta (1-0), that his team was aware of the importance of the clash and that they knew that “it was win or die”.

“We finally breathed. A day of fighting and fighting. In the last ten days you don’t win by quality or by details, you win by fighting and fighting. That’s how we will continue. It had been weeks without scoring a goal. But those are streaks. You have to go on and look for it. I finally found it and we won”, he said in statements to Movistar+.

“We knew it was win or nearly die. We knew we were going to win. We’re going to do the Coliseum hell for all the teams that come. We will do everything possible to save ourselves. TO Bordalás, many of us know him and we are going to give everything for him,” he said.

Lastly, he explained what his feelings are after receiving his fifth yellow card with which he will miss the clash he will play against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium: “Now I miss that game. It bothers me a lot. But what is going to happen to him? do. We will have a teammate who will give everything for the team”, he concluded.

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