Ukraine winning Eurovision, one more tile for kyiv? “We will find a solution”, we say to the EBU

And the number 2 of Eurovision to be reassuring in the event of a Ukrainian coronation: “If the Ukrainian group is elected winner on Saturday evening, we will get started on Saturday evening. We will take the challenge head on no matter what and we will find a solution to ensure the continuity of the competition”.

Perhaps it will be necessary to consider opening a new page in the history of the contest, with perhaps a new scenario?

In Geneva (the EBU is based there), the question would nevertheless already be on the table. “The rules shouldn’t change” explains Jean-Philip De Tender. “But the rules also say that we must organize the competition in the safety of all”.

We would therefore initially go through a discussion with the Ukrainian authorities and the organizing channel PBC. “We will look for a solution. We are well aware that this is an expensive event. And the situation would indeed be complicated for kyiv. Perhaps we should consider opening a new page in the history of the contest, maybe with a new script?”.



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