Ukraine steps up offensive in south – PCR tests in schools end –…

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Ukraine steps up offensive in the south: Head of state Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the Kharkiv region and wants to speak today – via video stream – at the EU summit. Meanwhile, the EU Commission is presenting a new proposal for a European oil embargo against Russia. The current events in the live report.

Erdogan joins the “culture war”: A year before the parliamentary and presidential elections, the Turkish governing party AKP is in a riot, and not just over the NATO dispute. “Press” correspondent Susanne Gusten detects a veritable wave of censorship against cultural events. More on this. [premium]

Corona tests in Austria’s schools end: The last mandatory PCR tests will take place in the schools this week – on different days depending on the federal state. After Pentecost, antigen tests will only be used if necessary, but further testing can be carried out in Vienna on a voluntary basis. More on this.

103-year-old sets world record: Rut Larsson is now the world’s oldest tandem skydiver – on Sunday she broke the age record by 78 days. After landing, however, the Swede needed helping hands and then her walker. More on this.

Missing plane found: The wreck of the Tara Air passenger plane, which disappeared from radar in Nepal, has been discovered and a search team is on its way. The fate of the 22 inmates is still unclear. More on this.

Warning of the “telephone epidemic”: 100 years ago today, the “Neue Freie Presse” heard something extraordinary: from America to Canada and beyond, reports of a wave of desire – for a cordless telephone. More on this. [premium]

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