Ukraine repels 130 Russian attacks in a single day: “They are using civilians as a shield”

Ukraine repels 130 Russian attacks in a single day: “They are using civilians as a shield”

He General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukrainein his daily report, reported that they had succeeded in repelling more than 130 attacks Russians in just one day. Most of them are concentrated in the Bakhmut region, which has caused representatives of the Ukrainian army to publicly express the possibility of a withdrawal of their troops.

“Yesterday (Saturday), the enemy launched 6 missile attacks y 24 air strikescarried out more than 65 attacks with rocket salvo systemsin particular against civil infrastructure”, they point out in the statement. Western Ukraine has become an uninhabitable zone, for this reason the actions of evacuation a pie.

Despite the fact that the Russian army suffers significant losses on a daily basisPutin’s troops attacked by three fronts the city of Bakhmut, encircling the Ukrainian military. If they took control of the region, they would get cut supply lines of his adversary and gain control of the donbas.

The list of things you can watch forever has been officially extended. Number 4 is russian tanks being exploded.

🎥 72nd Mechanized Brigade

— Defense of Ukraine (@DefenceU) March 5, 2023

According to information from the Ukrainian authorities, the Russian attacks are concentrated in the cities ofKupyan, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiiv and Shakhtar. It was in these localities where they could be detained more than 130 offensives.

“In the directions of Zaporizhia y Khersonthe enemy defends himself and tries to improve his tactical position to resume the offensive. He carried out artillery bombardments in the districts of more than 40 settlements“, they report, “there are deaths and injuries among the civil population“.

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Within the region of Kherson denounce that the invading troops, installed in the area, “they use the civilian population as a human shield”. Specifically, it points out that “the occupation forces place their anti-aircraft weapons in the residential neighborhoods of the city”, for coerce Ukrainian attacks.

Offensive on three fronts

They position Bakhmut as the main focus of his offense“the enemy keeps trying to surround the city“says the General Staff of the Armed Forces. This is because, if it seized the enclave, Russia would not only haveadvantage on the battlefieldbut also could get break supply lines from Ukraine. All this would allow an advance in the eastern region of Donetsk.

According to the statement, only on Saturday there were attacks in more than 30 settlements adjoining, mostly civilian zones the con presence military.

Joint exercises of the 3rd Tank Brigade and the 22nd Special Operations Battalion of the Presidential Brigade. Every day, the defense forces of Ukraine strengthen their offensive capabilities.
🎥3rd Tank Brigade

— Defense of Ukraine (@DefenceU) March 5, 2023

Russian air forces continued to attack Bakhmut on Sunday from three fronts different with the intention of encircling the Ukrainian troops.

Before the war startedthe region had a population of about 70,000 inhabitantsHowever, according to the authorities, only a few thousand left. In addition to those who have been killed, the actions of evacuationwhich is promoting the depopulation of the localities.

Bakhmut o “strength”as described Volodymyr Zelensky last month, “wouldn’t give up”. However, the strong and continuous offensive has caused the Ukrainian officials stationed there to announce that they prepare for possible withdrawal. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikovconfessed to the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag that the Russian losses at Bakhmut “come to 500 muertos and wounded every day“.

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As the attacks intensify, evacuations are accentuated. Due to the danger in the area, a representative of the army urged civilians to flee on foot, since doing so by vehicle would seriously endanger their lives.

According to the report, the Ukrainian Air Force carried out a total of 18 attacks on areas of concentration of peoplel and Russian military equipment, as well as 2 attacks on anti-aircraft missile systemsone to the enemy’s ammunition depot and the other to a highway bridge. In addition, they managed to shoot down four unmanned aerial vehicles reconnaissance and attack.

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