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Ukraine President Zelenskyy announced |

1. Grain transport since the beginning of the war

A week after the grain deal between Russia and Ukraine, the first ships could leave the Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea today!

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (44) visited the port of Chornomorsk (south of Odessa) on Friday. Two Russian Kalibr cruise missiles hit the city on Saturday.

Zelenskyj said during his visit: “I think it will start today or tomorrow.” This will soon be the first grain ship since the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine began in February.

He emphasized: “Our side is fully prepared. We have sent all the signals to our partners, the UN and Turkey, and our military is guaranteeing the security situation,” his office quoted him as saying.

According to the UN, the Grain exports are about to start: some already loaded freighters are ready for departure in the Black Sea ports, said UN emergency aid coordinator Martin Griffiths on Thursday in New York. “And we had been waiting for that to happen, even today or tomorrow.”

So far, the exact corridor for safe transport through partially mined areas has not yet been finally determined by the joint control center of the warring parties, the United Nations and Turkey in Istanbul. However, Griffiths emphasized that he believes this will happen quickly. After that, exports from the ports should eventually reach the pre-war level of about five million tons per month.

Day 156 of Putin’s war against Ukraine

Leads for more than five months now Kremlin-Dictator Wladimir Putin (69) his brutal war of aggression against the Ukraine. It’s day 156.

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On Friday, Russian propaganda initially reported an alleged shelling by Ukraine in Olenivka – Himars missiles hit a prisoner-of-war camp, killing more than 40 Ukrainian prisoners, claims Putin’s henchman Denis Puschilin, the self-proclaimed head of the “Donetsk People’s Republic”.

He trumpeted: “It’s obviously deliberate shelling and a desire to crush those representatives, including the Azov regiment, who have started making confessions.”

The Ukrainian leadership firmly rejects the accusation. Presidential adviser Mikhail Podoljak spoke of a “classic, cynical and very well thought-out false flag operation”. The General Staff, in turn, emphasized that the Himars are precision weapons and that the Ukrainian soldiers do not bomb civilian objects and “especially not places where captured brothers-in-arms are likely to be held”.

The Ukrainian general staff spoke of a targeted “provocation for which Russia is responsible.” The information cannot be verified independently.



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