Ukraine, Lego leaves Russia: 81 stores closed

Seat cutting

– The colossus of timeless plastic bricks announces the definitive cessation of sales in the country due to the war in Ukraine. The next step will therefore be to cut the places of “most of the staff based in Moscow”, the group specified.

The list gets longer – LEGO’s decision (suspension of sales and, subsequently, definitive closure), comes months after similar ones taken by many other Western multinationals, which had suspended, or closed completely, their activities in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine: among these, giants such as H&M, Volkswagen, Ikea, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Visa, Mastercard, Apple, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Decathlon, Nike, McDonald’s and Starbucks. The latter had decided to lower the shutters of 130 active premises on Russian soil last May, ensuring that it would pay the salaries of 2,000 employees for six months, and that later it would help them in the transition to a new job.

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