Ukraine claims to have sunk a Russian ship

A Russian ship sank in the Black Sea after a Ukrainian missile attack, Ukrainian authorities say.

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UA Russian ship en route to Serpents’ Island in the Black Sea sank after a Ukrainian missile attack, Ukrainian authorities say. However, the information could not be independently verified. Russia did not comment on the news.

The ship is said to have been heading for Serpents’ Island, strategically located and conquered by Russia at the start of its invasion of Ukraine, with a shipment of weapons.

The boat was reportedly hit on Friday and sank later in the day, according to claims by Odessa’s military governor, Maxym Morachenko, released in a video message on Telegram. It would be the Vasily Bech, a rescue tug dating from 2017 and part of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Equipped with air defense system

According to the Ukrainians, the ship was equipped with a Tor air defense system. That wouldn’t have prevented it from being hit by Harpoon missiles, a weapon system that was reportedly supplied by Denmark.

Russia has already lost several ships since the start of its invasion of Ukraine.

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