From the UK comes the news of a horrible discovery made by a woman inside the pre-cooked chicken she was eating: a dead top. In the ready-made dish, purchased from a well-known British supermarket chain, a fifty-seven-year-old from Durham in fact discovered, while she was eating the dish in question, a dead rodent lying under the chicken sauce. The pre-cooked dish, in detail, was a “Italian chicken”, Bought for three and a half pounds (just over three and eighty euros) from Tesco. The incident took place in the middle of last week and was first mentioned on Daily Mail.

While she was biting into the ready-made dish, Mrs. Cath McCall Smith at one point felt a strange sensation in her mouth, enough to make her think she had just “bite a bone”.

The fifty-seven-year-old from Durham thus looked better at the tray containing the chicken, to ascertain the cause of that strange sensation, and then discovered that, hidden inside the Tesco product, there was a dead mouse with its muzzle facing upwards.

After the horrifying discovery, the unfortunate denounced what happened on Facebook. On the social network, Ms. McCall Smith published the details of her misadventure as well as photos of the dead animal, adding that once she realized the presence of a rodent stucco in the tray, she would immediately felt bad and would then “vomited for 12 hours“. In her latest posts on the web, she says she is still not feeling well, always because of the shocking discovery.

In addition to publishing her story on her social channels, the woman also published pictures of the rodent found inside the pre-cooked tray on Tesco’s official Facebook page. McCall Smith posted the offending shots on the supermarket chain web page, accompanying them with the caption “Please don’t buy any dish ready from Tesco”.

In the aftermath of the complaint made by the woman on the Internet, the same British company announced on Wednesday that it had opened an internal investigation to find out how that unpleasant accident could have happened, specifying: “We take all customer complaints very seriously and are conducting a rigorous one investigation about what happened”.

Meanwhile, on the case of the dead mouse, the irony and indignation of British Internet users goes crazy, with some users who commented on the episode exclaiming “Poor Ratatouille“Or”Well, on the package it said ‘Italian chicken’ and, in fact, the Romans considered rodents as a delicacy”.